A First Timers Guide to REDucation

A First Timers Guide to REDucation

3 days of nonstop classes and tutorials might sound like a grueling way to spend your week, but REDucation is quite the opposite for creative professionals. We went to our first REDucation last month in Long Beach, California at Thunder Studios, and were blown away by the level of sophistication and access to professionals and equipment that goes into the course curriculum.

Who should go?

REDucation is attended by a broad group of creative professionals, from photographers looking to integrate video into their skill-set, to film makers looking to move into 4K production. In general, if you use video as a vital part of your profession, you would benefit greatly from REDucation.

What do you learn?

You will learn the entire RED eco-system. From equipment to software, students get a hands-on experience with EVERYTHING. The REDucation agenda starts with getting comfortable with the RED cameras and how to shoot, to reviewing footage, and then going through the color grading process and capturing stills. The entire program is setup to make the learning experience mimic how someone would use RED equipment and software in real life.

Who are the instructors?

RED dedicates an entire team to REDucation, which is held nearly once a week at locations around the world. The professionals RED has assembled to teach the 3-day courses are not only RED employees but are independently involved in the media and entertainment industry. Each of the sessions in the agenda is led by a rotating group of instructors that have expertise in each of the RED disciplines. During our trip we spoke with two instructors, Ivan Agerton and Justin O’Neil, who were showing us footage they captured on a shoot in Nepal. Fittingly, they were the instructors for Footage Review and Stills From Video.

What are the RED products you will be working with?

REDucation is all about hands-on. This means lots of RED equipment in multiple configurations.

  • Red Epic (6K DRAGON and 5K MYSTERIUM-X)
  • RED Scarlet (6K DRAGON and 5K MYSTERIUM-X)
  • Magma ExpressBox 3T
  • Adobe Creative Suite

Why REDucation is different

The intangible that REDucation offers is the commitment of the staff. You really do feel like they are there to help you understand the technology. The environment isn’t dull or stale, rather just the opposite. Everyone is excited and eager to educate, share their knowledge, and their experiences.

RED and Magma

A lot of the post magic and computing is done on a RED Rocket-X card. These cards are incredibly powerful and offload computing from your computer’s normal CPU. High resolution means lots of data. In order to connect a RED ROCKET-X card to your computer and ensure the data transferring between the two is of the highest quality, industry professionals prefer to use a Magma Thunderbolt PCIe expansion chassis, like ExpressBox 3T.

Magma PCIe expansion chassis give RED ROCKET-X much more than just an enclosure to sit in. The Magma chassis supplies dedicated power, cooling, and an incredibly fast Thunderbolt 2 connection. This is great for anyone using the new Apple Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, iMac or any other Thunderbolt-equipped computer. Magma offers both PCIe to PCIe expansion chassis and Thunderbolt to PCIe expansion, giving professionals a range of options.

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