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Magma’s New GPU Expansion System Family qualified for use with VMware and Cisco C240 Servers

Magma’s New GPU Expansion System Family qualified for use with VMware and Cisco C240 Servers

Magma’s ExpressBox 3600 series added to VMware’s Solution Marketplace for emerging VDI applications

San Diego, California (August 18, 2015) – Magma, manufacturer of high performance expansion computing hardware, today announced the ExpressBox 3600 GPU expansion family’s qualification by cloud infrastructure and business mobility experts, VMware. The combination of the EB3600, Cisco UCS C240 server and NVIDIA GRID K1 or K2 processors is now available for use with VMware virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) applications. Both the EB3600-10 and EB3600-AB models are now listed in VMWare’s Solution Marketplace as qualified GPU expansion options.

ExpressBox 3600-AB High-Level Specs

  • 4U Rackspace supporting up to 9 GPUs
  • 2 independently manageable GPU subsystems supporting up to 2 Cisco servers
  • Magma’s Express I/O manager provides autonomous control of either subsystem
  • Supports up to 3 NVIDIA GRID K1 GPUs per server
  • Supports up to 6 NVIDIA GRID K2 GPUs per server

“This qualification is a tremendous leap forward in available computing power for VMware virtualized applications,” says Tim Miller, Magma’s president. “As data centers move to provide additional high-end virtualized application support, the need to connect more GPUs efficiently, is increasingly important.”

VMware users can now connect more GPUs to their Cisco UCS servers than previously possible. Specifically, the EB3600-AB model supports up to three NVIDIA GRID K1’s or six GRID K2 GPUs to each of two independent Cisco UCS servers. Additionally, each of these servers can independently control the GRID GPUs in its VMware deployment, giving system administrators flexible management of the hardware inside of one centralized expansion chassis.

“Before this qualification, in order to add more GPUs, system architects had to add additional servers to bring more GPU resources online.” Says Miller. “Now, an existing VMware installation can be enhanced with additional GPU resources by housing these GPUs in the Magma EB3600 and attaching it to the VMware server.”

Magma, founded in 1987, focuses on hardware expansion for servers, computers and laptops. For the last two years they have begun designing and manufacturing performance expansion for running multiple GPUs to help meet the growing demand for denser compute architecture.

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