Magma's People's Choice Award

Magma’s People’s Choice Award

This month Magma sponsored the San Diego Film Festival and showed support for the creative industry by launching its very own award, the Magma People’s Choice Award. Magma chose this venue to spotlight and support up and coming directors, producers, and cinematographers. The San Diego Film Festival also highlighted a host of short films that were shot digitally, mirroring an industry change to digital workflows.  For the first time we are seeing smaller film makers being able to utilize the same workflows and technology that was once only available to large studios. Cameras, computers, and hardware are all becoming smaller, faster, and cheaper, which means a smaller barrier to entry for budding film makers.  In supporting this trend, Magma awarded, an EB1T PCIe chassis to the winning film’s director.

The short category that Magma sponsored was “Mind Games” and featured 6 short films from a variety of directors and producers.  The category was shown twice throughout the weekend at two different venues. They let people viewing the “Mind Games” category vote for their favorite short film via Twitter using a specific hashtag assigned to each film.


Post film festival, the votes were tallied and the winner of the Magma People’s Choice Award was “GUN” by director, Spencer Gillis.  Without revealing too much about GUN, the film follows a man as he struggles with the concept of owning a gun.  It is explores the necessity, desire, anxiety, fear, and passion about gun ownership, and how this widely debated topic is not just black and white.  There are a host of issues that go well beyond the need for physical protection and deep into the human psyche.  You can view the trailer for “GUN” below.

If you like what you see and want to see the full length short, it will be playing at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival Wednesday October 23rd and Thursday November 7th.  It is a great short that everyone at Magma agrees you should see.  The writing, acting, and cinematography are complimentary and make for a well-polished and engaging short.

We will have more coming soon featuring the director Spencer Gillis, and will be asking him a range of questions surrounding the production of “GUN”, movie making, workflow, and upcoming projects.

Magma is excited and enthusiastic about engaging, promoting, and helping creative professionals from a variety of different industries.  By supporting its core demographic, Magma hopes to always have a finger on the pulse of multimedia workflows and help design, manufacture, and supply superior products to the true creative superheroes pushing the limits.

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