ROBEN-3 Behind the Scenes

ROBEN-3 Behind the Scenes

Just another shiny box? Quite the opposite. Expansion chassis are more than just metal panels and some connectors. A PCIe chassis is easily one of the most important pieces of hardware in creative workflows and networks, as they connect and route high speed data to and from all of the other pieces of hardware. With this in mind, Magma’s newest chassis, the ROBEN-3, is one of the most advanced chassis Magma has ever built. We want to give you a behind the scenes look at what it took to develop, design, and manufacture our latest Thunderbolt connected chassis, ROBEN-3.


  • 18 months concept to customer: design, development, prototyping, field testing, manufacturing ramp to production.


  • We put together a mini army of engineers; industial design, mechanical, electrical, and software engineers to build the ROBEN-3 series from the ground up.
  • These are the same engineers that worked on commercial grade enterprise solutions using PCIe GEN 3 x8 and x16 lanes. If you don’t know what that is, it is really really fast data transfer!


  • Full-scale prototypes and chassis were built and lab tested and then field tested before the final designs were put into production.


  • ROBEN-3 chassis incorporate an entirely new board design and technique. This backplane was a derivative of the same technology we custom built for the aerospace industry.
  • First Magma chassis to incorporate a custom power design for supporting Thunderbolt.
  • First Magma chassis with hot swappable drive bay support and integration.
  • First fully embedded Mac Mini in a chassis.

From the list above, you can see why we are so proud of the ROBEN-3 series of PCIe chassis. We put in the long hours designing, testing, and innovating to make sure every Magma chassis isn’t just another box in a rack, but the anchor that ties together your powerful workflow.

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