16 Slot PCI-X Expansion – RAS

16 Slot PCI-X Expansion – RAS

16 slot mission critical expansion chassis for prolonging card life cycle

The Magma 16 Slot PCI Express-to-PCI Expansion System provides a simple, cost-effective solution for expanding the capability of your PCI Express based computer.

Key Features

  • Cooling (3) 82.5 CFM
  • Slots 16 PCI-X slots
  • Power 800 watt redundant
  • Speed 2GB/sec
  • Extras SNMP

Expand and monitor your host computer’s PCI Express technology with absolute confidence.

16 Slot PCI-X Expansion – RAS

Part # PE16RR-RAS

The Magma 16 Slot PCI Express-to-PCI Expansion System provides a simple, cost-effective solution for expanding the capability of your PCI Express based computer. As computer manufacturers migrate to PCI Express, the number of available PCI slots has been reduced or completely eliminated. However, many companies have invested a substantial amount of capital on solutions built around conventional PCI and PCI-X hardware. The Magma 16 Slot PCIe to PCI-X expansion system provides a “migration path” to PCI Express while protecting your PCI(x) hardware investment.

Where PCI meets PCI Express

The Magma 16 Slot PCI Express-to-PCI Expansion System is designed to match the through-put required by the majority of PCI cards on the market today. The expansion chassis contains (16) PCI-X slots which are connected to the host computer through a 8 lane (x8) PCI Express host interface card and a high-performance cable.

Cost-Effective Migration and Increased I/O Capacity

The Magma PCI Expansion solution provides a cost-effective migration path to new PCI Express-based computers while maintaining a consistent PCI configuration. In addition, Magma products significantly increase Input/Output (I/O) capacity and scalability. This type of scalability is especially useful in industries such as Telecom, Data Acquisition, Video Monitoring, Server Storage and Manufacturing Test Fixtures.

Easy Installation

The Magma 16 Slot PCI Express-to- PCI Expansion System consists of a x8 PCI Express host card, a high-speed iPass cable and a PCI(x) expansion chassis. The host card relays signals from the PCI Express slot inside the computer motherboard to a PCI(x) backplane inside the expansion chassis. The system is automatically configured by the system BIOS and all sixteen high-performance PCI(x) slots within the expansion chassis appear transparent to the host computer.

*Please note that PCI and PCI-X are backwards compatible. 


  • Provides a link from PCI Express-based computers to legacy PCI hardware
  • Cost effective solution for adding an unlimited number of PCI slots to PCI Express-based computers and servers
  • Ideal migration path to small form factor servers, while maintaining a consistent PCI hardware configuration
  • Substantially increase I/O capacity
  • Supports universal and 3.3V PCI and PCI-X cards
  • Multiple expansion systems can be used with a single computer


  • Easy Plug and Play installation
  • Visible LEDs indicate correct installation
  • LEDs on Front Panel to monitor Power, Temperature, Equipment Malfunction, Fans
  • Includes one 3-meter iPass cable
  • 16 slot PCI-X backplane (includes 1 PCI Express slot for Expansion interface)
  • All slots support full-length PCI(x) cards
  • 4U, black rack-mount enclosure
  • Supports spread spectrum clocking
  • 800W Standard Power Supply
  • Dedicated fan for cooling PCI(x) cards
  • Optional drive cage for mounting up to eight internal drives inside chassis
  • Optional rack slide kit for rack cabinet installation

Additional Options:

  • Front Panel protected pushbutton for system reset
  • Pin A14 accessible from chassis rear
  • Mainframe operation with clock and reset signals supplied from backplane
  • Swivel rack slides; chassis will swivel 90 degrees from rack for easy access
  • 16 slots of PCI-X plus one slot for PCI-e link to host
  • Full RAS Capability: four hot swap fans, dual, redundant hot swap power supplies, SNMP monitoring of fans, power supplies and chassis operating temp (6 probes)
  • Dual Redundant Point of Load Regulators (POLs) with SNMP monitoring
  • Stand alone mode operation; chassis can provide clock and reset as well as standard computer/host operation
  • EQT tested to MIL-STD-810

16 Slot PCI-X Expansion – RAS Specifications

PE16RR-RAS 16 standard PCI-X slots 64-bits/66MHz
  • 16 PCI-X slots (66MHz); 1 Slot PCI Express for Magma expansion card
  • PCI Local Bus Specification: Revision 2.3
  • PCI Bridge Architecture Specification: Revision 1.2
Cable 3-meter iPass cable (optional Fiber Interface / Cable)
Interconnect Bandwidth 2GB/sec
Rackmount 4U Black Rackmount
Dimensions 19"W x 7"H x 17.7"D
Weight 24 lbs or 11.804 kg
Emissions Class A FCC
  Removable/cleanable air filter
System Cooling
  • 3 large 82.5 CFM backplane fan
  • One fan in power supply
Host Card Power Consumption
  0.15A @ +3.3V maximum
Rack Installation
  Optional rack slide kit
  Optional PCI card hold down kit
Hard Drive Support
  Optional Drive Cage
Power Supply
Standard or Redundant Power Supply Available
  • Auto-Switching from 110 - 220V
  • Contact Magma for Current Specifications
Ambient Temperature 0º to 50º C
Storage Temperature -20º to 60º C
Relative Humidity 5% to 85% non-condensing
  53,000 hours
Regulatory Compliance
FCC Class A Verified
CE Certified
UL/CUL Listed
Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  money back guarantee
1 year return to factory
Package Contents
  • Sixteen slot PCI-X backplane
  • Cooling fan assembly
  • 3-meter iPass cable
  • PCI Express (x8) host interface card
  • 800W Power supply (Redundant)
  • Cable Interface to Expansion Interface
  • PCI card slot openings (backpanel)
  • Optional Rack Slides
  • Quick Start Guide

16 Slot PCI-X Expansion – RAS Docs and Drivers

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