Mac Pro<sup>®</sup> Rackmount Kit

Mac Pro® Rackmount Kit Thunderbolt

Accessible rack mount for the new Mac Pro®

Rack mounting the New Mac Pro can be difficult and cumbersome. Our Rackmount Kit gives you quick installation for your Mac Pro and super easy access to ports and cabling. The rack space next to your Mac Pro serves as the perfect spot for Magma expansion or your favorite hardrives and peripherals.

Key Features

  • Extras Add Expansion
  • Extras Slide mount
  • Extras 4U
  • Extras Easy Access

Accessible, adaptable, and dynamic. Magma's Mac Pro® Rackmount Kit is designed for maximum flexibility.

Mac Pro® Rackmount Kit

Part # rkit-mp

Accessible, adaptable, and dynamic. Magma’s Mac Pro Rackmount Kit is designed for maximum flexibility. The Mac Pro Rackmount Kit is designed to make getting to your hardware easy, while still allowing for multiple configurations. Connect storage, PCIe expansion, or any hardware you might need in the extended 4U shelving space next to your Mac Pro, which is housed in a super secure slide out bracket.

Combine the Mac Pro Rackmount Kit with either Magma’s ExpressBox 1T or ExpressBox 3T and create a dynamic duo of Apple horsepower and PCIe expansion. Connect video capture, media transcoding, audio processing, SSD storage, and many of your other favorite PCIe cards with ease. The modular design allows users to quickly disconnect their Magma expansion chassis and take your valuable PCIe cards with you on the go.

The Mac Pro Rackmount Kit minimalist design gives users the power to create custom Mac Pro setups, tailored to their specifications, with no complications.


  • Simple cable management
  • Convenient access to I/O ports
  • Quick disconnect your peripheral devices
  • Multiple options for PCIe expansion/storage
  • Utilize your existing Magma Thunderbolt expansion chassis
  • Customize your setup, your way, no complications


  • 4U
  • Easy sliding rack assembly for quick access to cables connections
  • Optimum air flow design
  • Flexible mounting: right or left side Mac Pro mounting
  • Easy access open face front and back

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Mac Pro® Rackmount Kit Specifications

Mac Pro Rackmount Kit Rack Shelf for Apple Mac Pro
Weight and Dimensions
Weight 9.5 lbs (4.31 kg)
Dimensions 16” L x 19” W x 7” H
(406.4mm x 482.6mm x 177.8mm)
Optional Features
  Extra slider for installation of a second Mac Pro unit
30 day money back guarantee
1 year return to factory
Package Contents
  • One (1) Rack Shelf
  • One (1) Mac Pro Bracket
  • Two (2) Clamps
  • Four (4) Cage Nuts
  • Four (4) 10-32 X 3/8 Screws
  • Velcro Straps

Mac Pro® Rackmount Kit Frequently Asked Questions

Does is matter which way the Mac Pro is mounted into the rackmount kit?

That is entirely based on your configuration. For instance, if you have it in a rack with several other i/o interfaces installed that generate heat, then the air in the back of the rack is usually hot and thus you should place the Mac Pro so that it is drawing in cool air from the front. That way the heat from the the Mac Pro is pushed towards the rear of the rack.

Is this approved by AVID?

Yes. The Mac Pro Rackmount Kit is an easy way to place your Avid Approved ExpressBox 3T into a rack along with your Apple Mac Pro. Avid’s Website.

Can the Mac Pro Rackmount Kit be installed in a mobile rack or roadcase?

Yes, however we recommend that you ensure all hardware is properly secured and protected for transportation.

How many rack spaces does it require?

The rackmount kit requires 4U of space. With the Magma ExpressBox 3T sitting up-right, 5U is required. However, there is enough room to put the EB3T on its side and use only 4U rack spaces.

How much shelf space is available for other devices?

See illustration below.

mac pro rack kit illustration

Mac Pro® Rackmount Kit Docs and Drivers

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Recommended Controller Cards:

Please see our Thunderbolt PCIe Card Compatibility list for controller card options.

Where to buy the Mac Pro® Rackmount Kit

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