EOL Announcement – 2 & 4 Slot PCI Expansion

Posted on: November 30, 2012

A new 3 slot PCI Expansion (PE3R) is the recommended replacement for customers who require a Classic PCI Expansion solution.

PE3R is a 3 Slot PCI expansion product in a 2U rack mount enclosure with a 550 watt power supply. Details can be found online at www.magma.com/3-slot-pci-expansion

We are offering a last time buy of these parts while supplies last. Please acknowledge receipt of this notice or respond by December 14th, 2012 with the quantity you would like to purchase and we will check to see if we are able to meet your requirements.

List of the Magma part numbers to be discontinued:

Part Number Description Price
CB264 2 Slot 64-bit/33MHz PCI Expansion System $1299
CB4DRQ/PCI4DRQ 4 Slot 32-bit/33MHz PCI Expansion System $1659
PCI4NE 4 Slot 32-bit/33MHz PCI Expansion Board-Set $999

Part number to be used as a replacement option for the above discontinued part numbers:

Part Number Description Price
PE3R 3 Slot 64-bit/33MHz PCI Expansion System (2U enclosure) $1499


Magma Contact:
Jill Nelson – Sales
(P) 858-530-2511 ext 200
(E) jnelson(at)magma.com