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Frequently Asked
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What is an artspace?
Artspace is a shared space where artists can meet and collaborate on art. Everyone who joins an Artspace can see all of the Magma files in it and join any ongoing live sessions.
How can I join an artspace?
You can find public Artspaces above — just click and join any one of them! If you'd like to join any Artspace not listed above, you should reach out to the owner and ask for an invitation link.
How can I create my own artspace?
You can create your own Artspace by clicking the "Create your own Artspace" card above, or following this link. Once your Artspace is live, don't forget to send an invitation link to others so that they can join you!
Do I need to have a Discord account to join an artspace?
Some Artspaces communicate through Discord. It's usually not necessary though — once you join an Artspace, you will have the ability to see any ongoing sessions and receive notifications about any changes or comments.
I have a question that is not listed above
Don't worry, we're happy to help! Please talk to our support team and we'll do our best to answer your question.
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