Have you already watched the movie Finch? 🤖

This heartwarming film is about a robot that lives on a post-apocalyptic earth, which was built to protect the life of his dying creator’s (starring Tom Hanks) beloved dog. A robot named Jeff learns about love, friendship, and the meaning of human life.

We strongly recommend watching this unique movie, not only because of the touching and well-told story, but also because of the amazing and realistic world that was created by artists and designers.

If you’re interested in the making of the film Finch, want to learn which everyday life objects influenced the appearance of the robot Jeff, or hear some other interesting insights from the movie pre-production phase, be sure to check out an interview conducted by Solomon Blair and managed by Yariv Newman.

The incredible Alex Konstad (Art Director at Netflix) and David “vyle” Levy ( Pitch Dev Studios" CEO) talk about the concept art done behind the scenes on the Apple Movie “Finch”.

These two remarkable artists were responsible i.a. for consulting and working on character appearance concepts. From this video interview, you will learn about the transition from conceptual work to creating a 3D character and how to work as a team on such demanding projects.

David “vyle” Levy and Yariv Newman from Pitch Dev Studios has knowledge and huge experience in the film, animation, and video games industries. 

In David’s career, he has worked, among others, on such productions as Assassin’s Creed, Prometheus, Star Wars Episode 9, Guardian of the galaxy 3, Suicide Squad 2, or the upcoming movie Black Adam.

Yariv has been working as a Concept Designer in entertainment since 2010. He began working in visual effects, as a VFX Art Director/Generalist for movies such as Iron Man, Spider-Man 3, King Kong, and numerous others including Pan’s Labyrinth.

What does Magmahave to do with all of this?

David and Yariv have long been our great support in the development of Magma. They had a direct impact on the creation of shapes available in various versions of our collaborative drawing tool, making it easier for creators using Magma to work on projects and plan their initial concepts.

We are honored that such exceptional people have an impact not only on the development of great games and film productions, but also devote their time to the development of innovative tools for digital artists, such as Magma.

Thank you Pitch Dev Studios! 🤜🏼🔥🤛🏼

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