90 Minute Art Challenge with LBX Discord Mods

90 Minute Art Challenge with LBX Discord Mods cover image
Drawing Jams Free

Meet the people behind the LBX Discord server! From moderating the streams, hosting community events, to answering art questions on Discord, the moderators have created a safe and warm community for artists around the world to connect everyday! Bobby Chiu and Masae Seki paints with the LBX Discord moderators, talking about life and life as an artist.

They’re challenge is to fill the space around the text within 90-minutes, using limited colors with 100% opacity.

Download the template here: https://90minartchallenge.tumblr.com/post/644486960481746944/challenge-55-lightbox-90minuteartchallenge


Access ALL 40+ Schoolism Art Courses with a Schoolism Subscription http://www.schoolism.com

  • ✅ Procreate with Nikolai Lockertsen
  • ✅ Deconstructed: Drawing People with Viktor Kalvachev
  • ✅ Painting Sci-Fi from Start to Finish with Craig Mullins …and more!


Magma Studio is a free painting program that allows up to 30 people to draw at the same time http://www.magmastudio.io


Share and upload on Instagram with #90minartchallenge

Get image at https://90minartchallenge.tumblr.com/post/644486960481746944/challenge-55-lightbox-90minuteartchallenge


Submit your questions on https://app.sli.do/?search=90MAC​

Join the Lightbox Discord to ask questions live https://bit.ly/LBXDiscord


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Hosted by:
Bobby Chiu logo Bobby Chiu

Art and positive vibes ☮️. Co-owner of Imaginism Studios, Schoolism, LightBox Expo and Magma. Emmy winner for Niko and the Sword of Light

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