Power of AI-assisted art workflows built into a collaborative canvas
Magma AI revolutionizes the creative process by combining professional drawing tools and collaborative canvases with next-generation AI technology, making ideation and creation faster than ever before.
Quickly turn your ideas from sketches into concepts
Enhance mode speeds up your workflow by refining and rendering your drafts, letting you spend less time on tedious tasks and more time on exploring new ideas
Add elements to your artworks seamlessly
Unlock your artistic potential by using our AI-assisted technology to seamlessly blend new elements into your existing content.
Expand artworks beyond the horizon
Expand artworks in any direction to enlarge, change their format, or just go beyond the horizon with our AI-assisted, content-aware Outpainting technology.
Unleash the power of AI in a unique collaborative experience
Live brainstorming
Share ideas and communicate via built-in voice call and chat
Live brainstorming Image
Real-time preview
See the progress of other users’ work in real time on a shared canvas
Real-time preview Image
Shareable prompts
Come up with ideas for prompts and tweak them together
Shareable prompts Image
Join our quest to build an ethical AI solution
Magma is working to improve the AI art landscape by developing ethical solutions that safeguard artists and support their creative evolution. 
We’ve already integrated a range of features into our AI toolset and we've got numerous other plans in the works:
Limiting the use of artists’ names in prompts without their explicit permission
solutions-0 Image
Keeping metadata flags for AI-generated and AI-assisted content
solutions-1 Image
Saving a complete record of shared prompt history for every canvas
solutions-2 Image
Promoting responsible use of AI within the art community
solutions-3 Image
Helping artists to license and monetize their styles
solutions-4 Image
Supporting ethically trained models
solutions-5 Image
Start a free Enterprise trial
Enterprise-ready AI solution for Creative Studios
Magma's AI toolset helps you effectively and securely incorporate AI capabilities into your Studio workflow, providing complete transparency, customizable limitations, and enterprise-grade compliance.
AI Usage History
Maintain a complete record of how and when AI was used in the creative process
Customizable Rules
Define and enforce custom rules on how AI can be utilized by your team
IP Security
Deploy Magma in your own infrastructure for easier integration and additional IP security
Coming SOON
Custom Models
Utilize your own IP to securely develop proprietary models, accelerating art production in your distinct studio style
How do I activate Magma AI?
To try Magma AI, you must join our Beta Artspace called "Pyro's Lab" - the AI tool is active only within this artspace.

Join Pyro's Lab by following this link. Once you've joined, please follow the instructions displayed in the artspace.
How is Magma AI different from other AI systems?
Most generative AI solutions don’t include creative tools like drawing or editing features, and have AI as the main driver of the artistic process. On the other hand, Magma treats AI as just one of many tools available to artists, allowing them to combine their skills and professional toolsets to enhance any AI-generated image. This fusion of artistic input and AI capabilities lets artists maintain greater creative control than they would have with other tools.
Do you have any tutorials or documentation?
Absolutely! You can find comprehensive documentation for this tool here. Additionally, feel free to explore the Pyro's Lab Artspace for more video tutorials and helpful guides.
Is Magma AI free?
Magma AI tools are still in development, and everyone is able to try them for free for the duration of the Beta program.
Is Magma AI ethical?
Though AI tools may spark some debates, we at Magma strive to maintain transparency in addressing these concerns. Our team dedicates significant effort to brainstorming and developing solutions that contribute to resolving these issues.

Learn more about our approach in Magma's AI Manifesto
Does Magma train AI on my artworks without my consent?
No, we do not. As outlined in our AI Manifesto, we believe that companies must be transparent when it comes to collecting and using artists' data for machine learning purposes.
Are there any usage limitations?
When you begin using AI for the first time, you'll need to accept our Terms of Use.

At the moment, we're not imposing any restrictions on the generation rate, but we might need to implement them if our server load becomes too high during the Beta phase.
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