AI Art Manifesto

At our core, Magma is dedicated to serving artists through a highly collaborative artistic platform. We believe that connection and cooperation between artists only serves to elevate the final product. Historically artists and art, whether painting, sculpture, music or on screen, has all been inspired and influenced by previous works. With the recent bounds in AI in art, the discourse has been loud about making sure creators are recognized for their original artwork and ideas, and that their art is not repurposed for other’s gain. We firmly believe AI tools should augment creativity, enabling creators to grow, inspire and learn from each other, while respecting the efforts of artists who spent years developing their skills and styles.

Magma will soon be broadly introducing AI into its online art collaboration platform, and we are committed to bringing transparency and credit to our creator community. Magma will support this effort through a variety of technologies and initiatives rolling out over the coming months. We stand to be a voice for our users, championing their rights as AI evolves and becomes more standard in our industry. We invite you to be a part of this evolution to support artists rights by agreeing to some key principles that will hold us all accountable to each other:

  1. Artworks generated by AI should be transparent about their origins and the extent to which other art was utilized.
  1. Credit should be given to the original creator when creating artworks heavily inspired by a specific artist, style or company. t is unfair to copy someone’s style and claim it as one’s own; AI systems must prevent this from happening.
  2. AI tools should help artists thrive, not take their livelihood away. It’s important to make sure that in the ever-changing landscape of generative AI there are ways for artists to find business opportunities and continue doing what they love.
  3. Companies building AI tools must be ethically responsible in their products and with their audiences.
  1. The industry must monitor the impact of new tools in terms of both positive and negative effects. We believe that it’s our responsibility to build art tools, which ultimately make us smarter and more skilled - contributing to a happier and better society.

We believe that these principles will allow art communities to continue to thrive with existing AI systems, and those to come. We truly hope digital art industry leaders will seek to follow this path, and we look forward to helping shape the conversation around AI tools and the potential for positive impacts through ethical pursuits in this revolutionary age of digital arts.


The Magma Team

Do you have an idea on how we can spread the positive impact of the AI manifesto, or want to help us build the future of collaborative AI workflows for all artists? Let’s chat

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