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Work and create remotely on a highly-secured, browser-based art team platform and professional drawing tool

Made for Game Dev, Animation, Webcomic industries, Art Events and other Creative Studios

Magma is a BRIC Award-winning, collaborative online drawing space and art management software, giving any team of artists the ability to create together, brainstorm ideas, plan art projects, give feedback and organize workflow without changing current tools and working processes.

Only with our Studio Plan, designed for professional Studios, you’ll get access to:


Enterprise license & advanced security

Keep confidential artworks best protected (SSO login, On-Premise installation, password protected canvas, etc.)


Professional digital drawing tools

PSD files export & intuitive multi-artist workspace enabling collaboration with international artists scattered around the world


Full control over the creative process

Prime management dashboard for fast preview, edit, comment, storage and easy access to all team artwork


Accelerated feedback process

Art project progress share with stakeholders


An engaging platform

Build a strong team spirit, raise morale of the artists you manage, and bring the fun back into collaborating

Extra! Upon request we will:

  • Design integrations and custom solutions for company bottlenecks to ensure optimized application and the best experience with our tool
  • Provide training and implementation to improve your process even quicker.

Book a video call with our Studio Success Partner to learn how we could help to tailor Magma to your business expectations.

No need to change your current workflow, just power it up and increase your team’s productivity with our collaborative art solutions.

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