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Making art

Welcome to Magma. A space that unlocks creativity for all. A collaborative art platform that brings artists, teams and communities together to innovate, collaborate and express themselves. Want to join the ride?

Join a community of legendary artists, the most creative studios in the world and leading art education institutions.

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Collaborate globally
A canvas that’s accessible wherever you are in the world? Yes, that exists. Magma enables you to connect with artists from across the world and explore countless artistic possibilities.
Work in multiplayer mode to cut out back and forths and focus on freethinking.
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Advance your artistic potential
Every artist has hidden potential. Magma is here to help you unlock it. A permanent artspace with infinite member access allows for infinite possibilities.
Learn from other Magma members and grow your skill set with in-depth education sessions.
Access your art: any time, anywhere, any device.
As a cloud based platform, Magma doesn’t require any installation. Just log and and you’re good to go.
It saves all your art in real time with unlimited version history, ensuring that no creative gems are lost along the way.
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How does your workflow look like?
Make sure your team explore the depths of design thinking without distractions. Take a look below to find out how.
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Jam, collaborate and create art, together

Friends & Communities
Always wanted to start that creative project with a friend? Now you’ve got a canvas. Or, a space to meet other like-minded artists and communities.
Let’s get started
Creative Teams
Take your creativity to the next level with a space to create, collaborate and review intricate artworks. Share and present your best ideas in real-time.
Create team artspace for free
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Enable collaborative workflows in your studio that you never thought possible, without compromising on security or quality.
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Unlock every level of
creative potential

Painting & drawing
Create new worlds with pen-pressure sensitivity and a vast toolkit of professional drawing tools that make a paintbrush look clumsy. Supported on all major tablets.
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Brainstorming has never been easier with advanced collaboration tools to help you collect references, explain your ideas and cultivate that moment where everything just *clicks*.
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Feedback & reviews
Save time by exploring live paintovers directly in Magma, leaving actionable comments on the canvas and reviewing artwork in real-time.
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Live presentations
Join forces with other artists on your Magma canvas and chat through ideas seamlessly via chat, or video calls.
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Creative development
Breathe new life into concepts, characters and storyboards with innovative design tools. Try our built-in AI assistant to ideate variations and render images at qualities of all ranges and styles.
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Project Management
Improve organization and productivity in your teams with Magma’s ArtSpace project and folder configurations, unlimited project & canvas storage, and admin ownership controls to manage teams effectively.
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Artist training
Enable new team members to learn and grow faster with innovative features, including access to all projects and assets in a single consolidated space.
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Art jams
By joining the Magma community, you’ll gain exclusive access to regular Art Jams that focus on every aspect of design: from warm up sessions, to industry professional training guides. Come join us on the canvas!
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Art that’s accessible

Magma is built by artists, for artists. It’s designed to flex to the needs of all, whether you’re a passionate hobbyist, or a company with countless projects. Jump in and discover how Magma can help you.

Creative teams

A one-stop shop for taking creativity to new heights.
  • A collaborative hub for your team
  • Artist-first drawing and review tools
  • A visual overview of all your art projects
Integrate seamlessly into your workflow


We know that efficiency matters. After just one month, adding Magma to your workflow will provide the following benefits:
  • 25% reduction in project delivery time
  • 32% less time spent in meetings
  • 40% fewer revisions per cycle
  • 72% increase in employee satisfaction with workflow process
Source: Magma customer data, January - December, 2022

Schools and Universities

  • Expand the horizons of how you teach, associating ideas with images, graphs, video calls and more to cater to visual, auditory and verbal learners
  • Catapult students’ learning with Art Jam’s focusingeducating on every aspect of design
  • Easily organize and and catalog lesson plans and syllabi
  • Make educator’s office hours accessible to all students
Integrate with all your teaching tools

Art communities

  • Organize and host community events ion Magma, wherever you are in the world
  • Host educational sessions for collaborative learning & growth
  • Make and cultivate new connections via our public channels
Integrate into your community

Drawing buddies

  • Draw with anyone, anywhere in the world
  • Stay connected with friends and colleagues through creativity
  • Start that side-project or storyline you’ve always dreamed about
  • Chat and play directly on the canvas
Share your art with ease
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