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2023-02-10T10:12:59+0000 · 5min read
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Magma A highly secure art team management platform & collaborative painting solution for Game Dev & Animation creative studios
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Introducing, Magma Classroom LIVE

We are pleased to announce that on Tuesday, Feb 14th @10am CST (UTC - 06) we will be hosting our first of MANY live streams dedicated to creative education! These streams will be conducted by industry professionals & talented folks inside and outside of the Magma team who want to share their knowledge, at no cost to you.

Topics will vary depending on the presenter, and will range from things like Magma technical usage, core techniques, character design, environment design, shading & lighting, texturing, clothing folds, proportion techniques, perspective, and so much more.

Magma Classroom: Udi Kalmanovitz - a Lesson in Character Design

Tuesday, Feb 14th @10am CST (UTC - 06)

Udi Kalmanovitz lives in Tel Aviv, Israel and is a proud and dedicated husband and father of 3. He is the founder of Drawing Academy, and educator at the Israeli Animation College. He is a professional illustrator, character designer, and art director.

Udi will be streaming every other Thursday, starting on Tuesday, Feb. 14th @10am CST (UTC - 06).

This lesson will LIVE streamed for 2 hours, and will be focused on core character design techniques.

Hour 1: 10am CST - 11am CST

  • The first 15 members who register will be provided access to join the Magma canvas to follow along in the lecture.
  • ALL will be able to watch the Livestream

Hour 2: 11am CST - 12pm CST

  • The registered members will be able to participate in critique and Q & A time with Udi to receive feedback!

Register NOW to claim your seat! https://share.hsforms.com/18VUMExNvSge2WLSHuuAonwe7xkb
Instructions to join the Magma canvas will be provided to you via email.

Click the Youtube jump and click “NOTIFY ME” to let us know you will be joining the stream!

Drop us a like & subscribe if you like our content!

We hope to see you all there, and excited to collaborate & learn together!

- The Magma Team

Magma author image
Magma A highly secure art team management platform & collaborative painting solution for Game Dev & Animation creative studios
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