Sunna Entertainment, a leading video game studio, utilized Magma to overcome many challenges of game development - including a tight deadline, staying on budget and a new focus on remote and hybrid work. Magma allowed Sunna Entertainment to streamline their creative process and transform their development pipeline. This case study details the benefits Sunna Entertainment experienced by integrating Magma into their workflow and pipeline.

The Challenge

As the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted normal business operations worldwide, video game development companies like Sunna Entertainment faced unique challenges. With their talented team of designers, developers and artists spread across various locations, they struggled to find a platform that could facilitate seamless collaboration and maintain productivity in a remote and hybrid setting. The development of “Planet Cude: Edge” became more complex due to the limitations imposed by the shift to a remote and hybrid operation. Sunna Entertainment’s team needed an intuitive and responsive platform that could address the challenges of communication, collaboration and visualization. These issues hindered the team’s ability to brainstorm effectively, review and revise artwork and assets and track the development progress of “Planet Cube: Edge.”

screenshot from Planet Cube game showing level with a water trap

The solutions

Sunna Entertainment discovered Magma in late 2020, as pressure mounted to hit their 2023 release date. Magma provided Sunna Entertainment with a centralized workspace that facilitated real-time communication, asset sharing and project management among the team members. Magma’s innovative features allowed Sunna Entertainment to overcome the difficulties of remote and hybrid collaboration. The platform’s built-in drawing and editing tools enabled artists to create and modify artwork directly within the platform, streamlining the process of asset revision and approval. The visual layering feature allowed artists and designers to work simultaneously on different aspects of a single game art element, fostering a collaborative environment.

The Results

By leveraging Magma’s powerful collaboration features, Sunna Entertainment successfully developed and launched “Planet Cube: Edge.” On budget and on time. The platform not only enabled the team to maintain productivity during the pandemic but also improved the overall efficiency of their creative process - a benefit that far outlasts the pandemic. The adoption of Magma allowed Sunna Entertainment to overcome the hurdles of remote and hybrid collaboration, ultimately leading to the creation of a high-quality and very well-received video game.

screenshots of artists working on Planet Cube game level in Magma collaborative app

The Conclusion

Sunna Entertainment’s experience with Magma demonstrates the power of innovative online collaboration platforms to transform the video game development process. By embracing Magma’s cutting-edge features, Sunna Entertainment turned the challenges posed by the shift to remote and hybrid work into an opportunity for growth and success.

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