Advisor Announcement - Michel Besner

2022-06-22T09:00:00+0000 · 5min read
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Witold Rosiak Growth & Marketing @ Magma
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Magma is happy to announce that Michel Besner has joined its advisory board!

Michel has over 20 years of experience in the development and marketing of innovative solutions in various fields such as digital twins, business intelligence, social media & news analytics, 2D & 3D animation for television, visual effects, and video games. His core competencies in strategic planning, product development, and business development have allowed him to take leadership positions at some of the world’s biggest software companies and various successful startups – including Toon Boom Animation, Autodesk, Adobe, Kaydara, Alias Systems, and Prevu3D.

Michel has been involved in over 8 acquisitions and several multi-million dollar rounds of funding (including the recent acquisition of SpinVR/BrioXR by Adobe).

At Kaydara, he served as CEO and was instrumental in developing MotionBuilder and creating the FBX format. Kaydara’s 3D character animation solution was acquired by Alias Systems (which was acquired by Autodesk), and Michel moved on to manage Autodesk’s Media & Entertainment 3D product line – the newly combined portfolio of 3ds Max, VIZ, Maya, MotionBuilder, and FBX.

In 2015, Michel served as President of Toon Boom Animation – the industry-standard tool for animation with customers including Walt Disney Animation, Rovio Entertainment, Warner Bros, Universal Studios, Nelvana, and 20th Century Fox Animation. During his tenure, he contributed to the creation of an education academy now branded as

"I am very honored to join Magma as an advisor and I have been very impressed with the talent they have on the team. They are on the right path when it comes to developing a truly scalable, collaborative, and interactive solution for artists".

-- Michel Besner

As an Advisor to Magma, Michel will be providing guidance on all of the fronts of running a company in the creative space: corporate, leadership, product, and fundraising - and all with in-depth industry knowledge.

Michel has a proven track record of helping companies in the Art & Entertainment industry build successful strategies and achieve their business objectives, and we expect Magma to benefit greatly from his advisory with the aspiration to become an industry standard for art collaboration.

Michel, Magma is honored to have you aboard!
Witold Rosiak author image
Witold Rosiak Growth & Marketing @ Magma
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