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2023-04-10T22:01:24+0000 · 5min read
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Magma A highly secure art team management platform & collaborative painting solution for Game Dev & Animation creative studios
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Beginning Wednesday, April 12th - Magma will be launching a closed beta program offering access to try our new AI features and provide feedback! There are a few stipulations required to signup & participate:

  • The first 100 users to signup will be granted access
  • Users that signup after the first 100 will be put on a waiting list to join and contacted via email when access becomes available
  • Users must join “Pyro’s Lab” Discord Server to participate
  • Users must agree to the terms & conditions (provided in Discord server sign-up steps)
  • Users are expected to participate in testing & sharing their artwork and experience with our tools
  • The closed beta program will run for approximately 30 days

*Magma reserves the right to remove users from the Beta program at any time. This program will consist of professionals and hobbyist community members. As such, collaborators will be expected to conduct in responsible behavior & focused attention on the task of evaluating the AI tools. Any collaborator found to be disruptive to this process may be removed at the discretion of the Magma team.*


Instructions to Join the Beta Team

1.) Join Pyro’s Lab Discord server for beta testers by clicking button below:

Join Pyro's Lab Discord Server

2.) Head to #Welcome channel for steps to follow to sign-up and gain access to these features

Magma’s Position on AI

We are incredibly sensitive to the impact and conversation around AI tools, as well as the opinions that differ dramatically in creative communities at large. This closed beta program is intended not only to collect information from testers' experiences, but also to give the Magma community a chance to express their opinions about the future of these features.

We want to make it very clear to the Magma community that, even with the introduction of these features we still care deeply about the pure creation process in our creative environment, and our development efforts will continue to improve the pure design creative process.We believe that along with strong creative voices (YOU) we can work together to create an ethical AI solution that enhances the creative experience and helps to change the culture around AI tools as we move forward.

A few things we want to assure you of:

  • Ethical tools and usage of our AI system is TOP priority. While copyright laws are under a microscope in the large conversation, we are working diligently to ensure that prompts and filters used in our program ensures that artists and their works are protected.
  • We will continue to develop new tools & features that speak to the pure creative process when it comes to drawing, painting, and editing.

    Read through our AI Manifesto to learn more:

    We care about your thoughts and opinions whether you are a participant of this closed beta program or not. If you would like to share your opinions and provide feedback on this subject, please fill out our quick Magma AI Survey!
    Magma AI Survey

    We are incredibly excited to be stepping into this new territory together and we hope to see you in the closed beta program :)

    The Magma Team
Magma author image
Magma A highly secure art team management platform & collaborative painting solution for Game Dev & Animation creative studios
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