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Empower Children With YOUR Art!

Have you ever wondered if your art can have a huge impact on someone’s life? Well, it CAN!

In Magma we believe that drawing is much more than just a fun hobby. It’s about giving people the tools and possibilities to enhance their lives - whether that be through getting lost in the act of drawing, connecting with friends, or just having the possibility to admire and witness something extraordinary. Art can be used as a tool to express your thoughts, feelings and ideas, your hopes and fears, your visions and dreams.

Art does amazing things, and that’s why we’re partnering with The Superhero Project. Our collaboration will provide youth impacted by serious illnesses, disabilities and trauma with feelings of hope, support and connection. We invite YOU to join our campaign and draw a superhero character for a deserving child. This project enables children to create their own superhero alter ego who takes them away from everyday troubles and helps them feel safe, confident, and powerful.

Learn more about The Superhero Project

The Superhero Project’s mission is to empower children with serious illnesses, disabilities, and complex medical needs by creating personalized superhero posters, which reflect their strength, courage and resilience. They interview each child to discover what’s important to them and how they want to make a difference in the world. The kids and teens then decide what their superhero alter ego looks like and what powers they’ll need to make a positive impact. Parents report that participating in The Superhero Project increases self-esteem and confidence, fosters resilience and inspires hope.

To learn more about The Superhero Project, you can click here!

Superhero alter egos can be especially powerful for young people

Many of us look up to superheroes, and the experience of designing a superhero alter ego can be especially powerful for kids and teens. The current pandemic has made many kids feel more vulnerable than ever before, but they can be empowered by designing a superhero character and thinking about how they can make a difference in the world.

Superheroes are powerful and strong. They can make kids feel strong in a time of vulnerability. The Superhero Project experience is empowering, harnessing imagination as a tool for healing and giving youth a sense of control during a difficult time.

Having a personal superhero also can help kids cope with pain and fear by reminding them of their inner strength and resilience. One young patient explained, “Visualizing myself as physically strong helped me endure the pain I experienced during the hardest days of my cancer treatments. While my real body was consumed by pain, my inner hero remained unstoppable.”

noodle-man.jpeg artwork
time-bender.jpeg artwork
super-christiano.jpeg artwork
caroline.jpg artwork
electric-force.jpeg artwork
byuper.jpg artwork

There is a place for superheroes for kids who need them

Did you know that children who have had traumatic experiences often feel isolated? Superheroes can be a source of inspiration for many kids undergoing treatment in a hospital or living with disabilities. If you love drawing superheroes and designing unique characters, this is a great opportunity to share your talent and help a child in need.

Your artwork can make a difference to a child and their family. In addition to benefiting patients’ well-being, superhero play may also provide an outlet for stress and anxiety. The superhero motif is an excellent way to connect with children because they provide role models that are comforting, exciting, and empowering. This simple but powerful idea is not only fun for artists, but it also provides much-needed support for young people at hospitals and elsewhere.

As the designer behind each piece of inspirational artwork sent to young patients, YOU will be empowering children who are facing a serious illness or injury, experiencing a mental health challenge, or living with a physical or developmental disability. Because so much of their carefree childhood has been taken away from them —their school environment, their playtime with friends, their exciting trips and fun weekends with the family, their own room and bed replaced with the hospital one—these heroic crafts remind them that there is still good in the world and that there is something worth fighting for.

What do the parents say?

Electric Force

"We use the characteristics of our son's superhero to encourage him that he can be as brave, strong and heroic as Electric Force. He is proud to see himself in this way."

Electric Force artwork
Created by R. (age 6) and designed by Josh Thompson
Colorful Carole

"Thank you for bringing such joy to our daughter. Ever since her interview, she's been dreaming about what her character might look like. Little did either of us know just how special it would be.

C.'s lived a life more complicated than most adults ever will and she's only 14. Foster care. Genetic deformity in her spine. Visually impaired. Mental health issues. And a brain tumor at 11 years old. Yet, she's one of the happiest, strongest, bravest people you will ever meet. Her heart is GOLD. She never stops thinking about other people and rarely asks "why me".

I can't tell you what an impact she's already made on the world… and I can't wait to see where she goes next. Caroline has always been my SUPERHERO, and now she has a visual of herself as one too. I posted a video and hope you are able to watch Caroline as she opens your package. Listen to her say, “Look at me!” The joy in her voice overwhelms my heart every time I watch the video. Thank you for sharing your gift with my kiddo. We will never forget your generosity and impact on C. My heart is full."

Colorful Carole artwork
Created by C. (age 14) and designed by Lauren Marshall

"...we were blown away by BRYUPER!

Thank you to Rob for bringing to life the superhero in Brian. BRYUPER is perfect... Brian loves to draw but has had a hard time having enough energy throughout treatment, not to mention some neuropathy in his hands. The BRYUPER poster was such an inspiration and Brian hasn't stopped drawing since that day (he had to draw all of BRYUPER's friends and the evil-doers he battles, of course).

One of the hardest things about treatment for Brian has been remembering at times why treatment is worth it. A heavy thing for a 5 (now 6) year old to carry. This experience (and the poster) are such good reminders about what is so cool about life. It has been the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you."

Bryuper artwork
Created by B. (age 5) and designed by Rob Bandel

Your art matters!

Become a part of The Superhero Project today.

Artists select an assignment date/deadline that fits their calendar, and are matched with an individual child. They receive an email with the name, age and photos of a kid or teen, along with their interview details, superhero ideas, and general design guidelines. Artists have until the deadline to send back a fully-realized digital poster which will be printed and delivered to the family, along with a note/bio from the artist.

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Karolina Murawska author image
Karolina Murawska Growth & Marketing @ Magma
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